Hoops365Network.com  is always looking to make their team bigger and better. Job opportunities through internships are available to those that share the same passion for the sport of basketball. If Basketball is your life then you have met the first prerequisite.

We are  seeking high energy, highly motivated people with a wide range of skills to be a part of their team of Basketball lifers. Get involved today and grow the sport of basketball.

We are looking for following for internships:

  1. Content contributors who can produce social posts/graphics, long form articles, illustrative or interactive pieces.
  2. Graphic Designers
  3. Video editor /Videographer
  4. NBA WRITERS!  Breaking down games, trades, free agent signings, and predictions about everything around the league. We accept applicants from all over the world. An opportunity will be provided to you to showcase your writing skills and knowledge of the NBA.

Email your resume to hoops365network@gmail.com