hoops365network .com  is a leading sports media and network company. Our audience is made of parents, players, coaches and fans.

We offer a suite of advertising options, from strategic high-level sponsorship to targeted packages that help you to align your brand with specific content categories. With packages to suit all budgets, the Hoops365 Network is the perfect choice to deliver your message to a targeted sporting audience.

We have the technology and the market to ensure a return on investment for your advertising dollars. We are partners in the growth of your business.

Should you choose to partner with us, your product or service would reach both the casual fans and serious athletes. Unlike traditional media, our audience is made up of participants who visit our sites daily. What this means for advertisers: your ad will be seen daily by the frontlines of amateur sports audiences and consumers.

We build meaningful relationships with great customers and you can, too! By advertising and marketing with our Network, you can take advantage of the strong relationships we already have – gaining trust, credibility and mindshare from the start. With us, you’ll not only reach customers, you’ll surround them. You’ll talk with them. You’ll forge the kind of links that can lead to intense brand loyalty and a strong relationship. All of this is achieved within a flexible range of media platforms that relate to your kind of customer like others can’t.

We are offering a limited number of spots to advertise on our website and our social media.

Sponsor one of our premium highlight or montage videos, or an entire editorial video series. Pre, mid, and end roll options available as well as footer banners.

Ballislife Netwrk supports dynamic campaigns through:

  • Display ads
  • Rich media and video
  • Exclusive presenting sponsorships
  • Product placements
  • Special offer email
  • Newsletter advertising
  • Sponsored links
  • Exclusive network offers

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